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northern virginia weddingsHolidays are exciting and everyone always seems to be in a good mood when surrounded by the sights and scents of the holidays.  Whether it’s pumpkin pies, spiced cider or evergreen, the holidays provide built-in ambiance.  Many brides want to capture the joy of the holiday season by pippybacking their nuptials sometime during the 8 – 9 weeks of the holiday season.  We can appreciate that desire, since so many venues (Regency at Dominion Valley included) decorate for the season which can cut back on your need to supplement decor and drive up your budget.  We thought it might be fun to put together some tips for hosting a holiday themed wedding.

northern virginia weddingsSave the Date

Since many people plan for travel or host their own holiday events, give your guests plenty of notice by sending a “Save the Date” card at least 2 months in advance to ensure your date is on their  calendars.  Also, expect that your guest list may be smaller due to these holiday complications.



northern virginia weddingsInfuse Seasonality

Since many holidays are associated with food and drinks, maximize these flavors by infusing them into your menus.  For example, if you’re hosting a December wedding, you may consider something fun like a hot chocolate bar with peppermint sticks, hot spiced cider or a specialty coffee bar with seasonal favorites like pumpkin lattes.  Your menu should also feature seasonally appropriate vegetables and entrees.

northern virginia weddingsSubtlety is Key

While it might be easy to put together a green and red color scheme for Christmas or Brown and Orange for Thanksgiving, keep the colors subtle.  Make sure your style shines through and your guests feel like they’re attending a wedding, not a corporate holiday party.  Consider metallics and white or choose one color such as red but choose a darker burgundy version.



Whatever your theme, we hope you have fun thinking of new ways to  infuse the season into your special day and staying true to who you are and how you envisioned your special day.  The holiday season is also engagement season!  So for anyone that may be expecting a special proposal this holiday season, we hope you will look into the Regency at Dominion Valley for your wedding venue!  Ask us about our catering and venue packages by visiting our Weddings page.

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