Corporate Banquet & Holiday Party Planning Tips

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northern virginia weddingsReady or not, the holiday season is right around the corner and for many of us that means beginning to plan and budget for a holiday party for our office. Every year this becomes a daunting task trying to balance the need to celebrate another successful year in business and showing an appreciation for our co-workers while not breaking the bank. Corporate holiday parties have gone from being over the top, full sit down banquet style events complete with live music entertainment to now almost passé. Our catering and events team at The Regency at Dominion Valley have come up with some ideas and solutions for hosting an amazing holiday party while still maintaining a reasonable budget and providing your employees with a fun and enjoyable party to celebrate the season.

  • Eliminate Carving Stations
    Choose more cost effective menu items, such as chicken, fish and mini-appetizers and skip the formal Chef Carving Stations.
  • Embrace Seasonality and Omit the Crudités
    Out of season fruits and vegetables are usually more expensive and because many people do not eat raw vegetables, many of those items will typically go to waste.
  • Choose mini-desserts rather than full servings.
    The rule of thumb is that most guests take two bites of dessert and the remainder is tossed. Consider setting up a dessert station with small portions and smaller quantities.
  • Bring your own CDs to use for background music.
    Rather than spending money on DJ or other live musician, The Regency at Dominion Valley provides audio visual equipment to easily stream music you provide on disk or via your online library or event utilize projection screens to display slideshows of photos or corporate highlights over the last year.
  • Host a lunch event or if dinner, make it business casual.
    It is always more cost effective to build the holiday party event catering from a luncheon menu vs. a dinner menu. The Regency at Dominion Valley we have created a buffet menu for holiday celebrations with luncheons priced at $26 per person and dinner begins at $39. Luncheons tend to also only include employees which eliminates the expense of hosting a spouse or guests. Luncheons can also easily work into your business day which also helps reduce cost by booking an event during the week versus the more costly weekend.
  • Share Your Event with Partners & Associates
    If you’re a smaller business or just simply want to include another business partner, combining your event can help buy down costs by splitting the event costs. It’s also another way to promote business relationships and reinforce partnerships.

northern virginia business meetingsThe Regency at Dominion Valley caters to all types of special events and celebrations and can work with you to create the perfect holiday party for businesses of all sizes. These tips are here to help you begin the dialog and planning phase for this holiday season. If you would like more information about how we can host your event, please call us 571.261.3335 x104 or email our Catering Sales Manager.

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